Volunteers come and go and we like to keep a "pool" of people that we can call upon if necessary. If anyone wishes to offer their services please contact us. These volunteer roles fall into the following categories :

Drivers. Will need their own car and be DBS checked. Expenses are paid at 45p per mile. Requirements for availability are flexible from between one day to 5 days of the week. Drivers will be expected to arrive at the kitchen around 11.15am to collect the hot meals, usually between 6-10 meals depending on round, and usually arrive back at the kitchen approx. 2 hours later.

Front of House. We may from time to time require a volunteer to take the takeaway food orders, take payments and distribute the takeaway from the kitchen. Hours are usually weekdays 8.30am - 2.30pm but are flexible. 

Administrative. We have a part-time administrator who takes care of the day to day running of the service but are keen to have an additional volunteer in case of holiday, sickness or workload demand.

Kitchen. We have a full time kitchen manager and a small team of cooks and general kitchen duty staff but are keen to have additional volunteers that we can call on in case of holiday, sickness or workload demand.

4 x 4 drivers. Rarely do we get weather that stops us delivering around the Forest area but occasionally we can get caught out. In cases where snow, floods, etc. stop or jeopardise our hot meal delivery service we would like a "pool" of volunteers who have the necessary type of vehicle and are available to collect our normal drivers and take them out on delivery.