As we continue to offer our delivery service to the elderly and vulnerable of the area alongside our takeaway business from the kitchen we have once again reviewed our procedures in line with the latest Government guidelines.


In line with the latest guidelines on the mandatory wearing of face coverings in England, we have instructed our drivers that a face covering must be put on before they enter a client’s home to deliver meals.  We provide them with a new, disposable face mask at the beginning of their round, or they are welcome to use your own face covering.

  • When the meals come out, drivers return to their vehicle and the staff will bring their meal boxes to them, wearing their own facemasks.  At this point they can load the boxes and ensure that they are correct
  • Only kitchen staff members and authorised contractors are permitted to enter the kitchen at any time
  • All meal boxes are to be left outside the premises on returning from the delivery round.
  • Face coverings must be worn when drivers return from their round and they should not enter the building but go to the takeaway serving hatch to hand back in the schedule sheet, any money collected or to pass on any messages and that social distancing of 2m should be observed wherever possible from all other staff and drivers
  • We strongly recommend that when drivers get home they thoroughly wash their hands and wipe down with antibacterial wipes or soapy water everything they have touched, i.e. steering wheel, door handle, keys, etc.


The takeaway service will be conducted through a serving hatch positioned on the outside of the kitchen building. At no time may customers enter the building and the door will remain closed.

Front of house staff will wear facemasks and customers are encouraged to do likewise and maintain social distancing.

Payments can be made contactless and is preferred to cash payment